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Interactive Advanced Queries

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Interactive Advanced Queries for ACT! opens up a new world of possibilities giving a new dimension to Advanced Queries. If you're using ACT! Advanced Queries, you already know how powerful they can be. The biggest challenge with Advanced Queries though is that they do not accept parameters. You have to use specific searched values when creating the query. This lack of flexibility is now history with Interactive Advanced Queries.

With Interactive Advanced Queries, instead of entering a value, you enter a parameter called "PromptForValue".

Instead of creating this:

Before interactive Advanced Queries

You can now create this:

With interactive Advanced Queries

Then when you run the interactive query, you're prompted to enter the value for the parameter before ACT! runs the query.

The prompt for value window

In this case, we used the same parameter 5 times.
So the user is prompted for just one value. The field name
that appears in the label is the first field the parameter is assigned to.

Creating your own custom lookup windows

Using Interactive Advanced Queries, you can create your own custom lookup window using your most popular searches. Create an Interactive Advanced Queries with one criterion for each of your typical searches. Make sure you use the OR operator to link them together.

An example of interactive Advanced Queries

Here is the prompt you get when running the above Interactive Advanced Query:

An example of prompt for value window

In this window, you can choose to enter one or more values:

  • If you enter a Customer ID only, the query will be only on the Customer ID field. If you enter the beginning of the name of a City only, the query will be only on the City name, etc.
  • If you enter values in more than one fields, the query will be on these fields and will return contacts meeting any one of the criteria, since the operator linking the criteria in this case is OR as shown in the previous screenshot.

Always quickly accessible

Interactive Advanced Queries can be added to ACT! top menu for quick access from anywhere within ACT!.

The Queries menu

» The best way to discover this add-on
is to browse its online help



Across this Web site, ACT! and ACT! Premium might be referred to as ACT! or Sage ACT!. Sage ACT! was the product name from 2010 to 2013.

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