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TriggerCalc Pro

TriggerCalc is the add-on you need if you want to make calculations involving ACT! fields. Whether you need to add 2 fields together or do more complex calculations, TriggerCalc is what you need. It is mainly designed to be used in conjunction with the ACT trigger feature which allows to launch a program when entering or exiting a field. This way, you can automatically re-start the calculation when one of the fields involved in it is modified.

TriggerCalc Pro also features
an automatic syntax coloring editor

This add-on is very simple to use, no user interface! All you need to do is enter your calculation at the end of the command line like in:

c:\triggercalc.exe /[fieldC]=[fieldA]+[fieldB]

TriggerCalc Pro supports conditional statements, financial and statistical functions

The Pro version adds new features like conditional statements (if function), financial functions (FV, PMT, PV, etc.) as well as statistical functions (Min, Max, Count, CountIf, Large, etc.). See the last section of our user's manual for the details of all the new functions.

Here are a couple of examples of what you can do with TriggerCalc Pro:

  • You want FieldB="Customer" if FieldA="Yes" or else FieldB= "Prospect" The syntax will be: [FieldB]=if([FieldA]="Yes";"Customer";"Prospect")
  • You want FieldC to hold the count of how many fields have a "Yes" in it The syntax will be: [FieldD]=countif("="Yes";[FieldA];[FieldB];[FieldC])
    If FieldA="Yes", FieldB="Yes", FieldC="No" then FieldD=2



Across this Web site, ACT! and ACT! Premium might be referred to as ACT! or Sage ACT!. Sage ACT! was the product name from 2010 to 2013.

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