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The Information Bar

The Information Bar control is a way to make sure critical information is viewed as soon as a contact, company, group or opportunity is displayed.

In the following video, we demonstrate how to add the Information Bar control to a layout and how it works.

Note that the information bar can only be associated to a Memo field..

There is not much to set up as you've seen in the video, although its appearance can be modified. To do this, select the control in the Layout Designer, then press F4 to display the Properties pane. Here are the properties you can tweak.

As you can see, you may change the icon that appears in front of the text (either by selecting our choice of icons under the Icon property or by specifying your own icon under the CustomIcon property.

Restrincting access to the associated field

You may want to restrict access to the field that contains the data displayed in the control so that only some users can edit it and you may want to remove that field from the layout that the other users use. If you are using ACT! for Workgroup then the best way is to change the access properties of that field.

If you are using the regular version of ACT!, we've included a control called Notifier UserRestricted MemoField (or RestrictedField in the Customize toolbox window) that can be inserted like any other field in the layout. As with any custom control, you first need to add it to your custom toolbar.

Once added to the layout, right-click it and select the Select Authorized Users... menu item to select which users have the right to edit the field.

The Notifier

The Help Button

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