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Online help
OneDrive Plugin for Act!

Uploading a document

Converting an attached document

Managing your uploaded documents

What you see under the Documents tab are the properties of the shortcut the OneDrive plugin for Act! has created once your document was uploaded successfully to OneDrive.

To see the properties of the actual document on OneDrive, right-click the item and choose Remote File Properties....

You can copy the link to the file by clicking the Copy Link button.

Moving the file to a different OneDrive folder

This cannot be done using the plugin but rather in the OneDrive interface. If you move the file to a different folder, the shortcut file created by the plugin will remain valid.

Deleting the file

If you delete the file directly in the OneDrive interface, neither the plugin nor Act! will know. The shortcut will remain attached to the record and if you click it, you will get the usual OneDrive "no file found" page.

Therefore if you want to delete the file, the best way to do it is from within Act!. Right-click the document and choose Remove document. You'll then be first prompted to confirm that you really want to delete the document. This applies to the shortcut attached to the record. If you confirm the deletion, you'll then be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the document in OneDrive. You have the choice. If you click Yes, the OneDrive document will be deleted. If you click No, it won't. The shortcut will be removed from the current record documents tab but the file will still be in OneDrive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you'll only get the double prompt, hence the ability to delete the file in OneDrive, if you select one shortcut at a time. Visually you'll be able to tell if you'll get the double prompt by looking at the remove menu item: if it has the OneDrive logo, you'll get the double prompt.

Uploading a document

Converting an attached document

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